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The Rules


The Big Three



Fainted Pokemon are considered dead and must be released or Perma-Boxed

 May only catch the first Pokemon encountered in any route / area

- Pokemon already caught do NOT count as your encounter and may be ignored up to 5 times -

   - Failure to catch a valid Pokemon within 5 attempts results in no encounter -

   - a WILD Shiny encounter triggers Shiny Clause. Must be caught if possible and used. -

   - Gift Pokemon count as your encounter for an area. -

 All Pokemon friends must be named. Love them, raise them, mourn them.


The Other Stuff

The Locke doesn't start until you have Pokeballs

Manual activation items in battle, bar Pokeballs are banned. All held items however, are legal, for all battles.

All gyms are gauntlets. Trainers may not leave the gym until the gym is cleared and all trainers are defeated

Each trainer may designate eight Pokemon which are PvP Eligible and bring six to each match

Finale rules: Trainers may only bring their surviving main team to PvP along with whatever items they were holding

when the game ends


The Season 8 - Champions Rule

After ever gym, you must retire one of your winning team and replace them with an egg Pokemon submitted by the community. Each team should be using one of their Egg Pokemon unless none remain living.



Point System

Points are gained and lost throughout the competition



 - Rival Battle -

20 Points

   - Gym Battle -

Standard - 30 Points
     Hard  - No Super Effective Moves - 50 / 60 / 70 Points



Difficulty must be declared before the gym and applies throughout

The hade mode points scale on placing when 30+ points behind - (1st / 2nd / 3rd)

   - Death of a Pokemon -

Loss of 20 Points

   - Season 8 - Sky Battle -

20 Points


Must be KO'd at or below level

- Legendary KO -

40 Points


Must be KO'd at or below level

   - Evil Team Leader -

40 Points

   - Elite 4 (each) -

40 Points

   - Pokemon League Champion -

50 Points

   - Standard PVP Match -

30 Points


- Finale PvP Match -

50 Points




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