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About Us

"No one will advocate for you like you, if you have an idea, chase it. I'll help." Annabeth to Stephen circa June 2017

Our Story

In the summer of 2017 Stephen "Jolly By Nature" Charboneau called his longtime friend

Annabeth "MeserEngine" Meservier to talk about a podcast idea he just couldn't get out of his head.

"Do you know what a Nuzlocke is?, he asked.

"A what now?" she replied


Over the next few hours the two friends hashed out an idea for a podcast project that would take hard mode Pokemon Nuzlockes and turn them into a three person competitive podcast along with accompanying livestreams.


An idea they called Blast Burn Radio.

in August on 2017 the first episode hit podcatchers everywhere.

The two friends launched the project alongside fellow founder Alex "Rohane" Hoyte, and while he would depart the show after just one season, it would continue with the arrival of a new host.


Celes Dreyer made her first appearance as CelesTheLost in Season 2

More than seven seasons later, the show is still going strong.

Known for its strong personalities, unique premise, masterful editing, and enticing narratives

Blast Burn Radio remains one of the premiere Pokemon Podcasts for fans new and old.

Meet The Team


Stephen Charboneau


Stephen "Jolly By Nature" Charboneau (He/Him) is a Japanese superhero enthusiast, podcaster, radical leftist that your grandma warned you about, healthcare worker, husband, father, and certified Pokemon master

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Annabeth Meservier

Incidentally Anna

Annabeth Meservier is a LGBTQ+ Podcaster, Streamer, and Entrepreneur.


Founding Member and Co-Owner of

Mythic Portal Games LLC & Challenge Accepted Media LLC

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Celes Dreyer


Celes Dreyer is a Podcaster, Streamer and Software Engineer.

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